Thursday, July 10, 2014

July Week 2

We have been doing the strength pyramid for awhile now.  I am hoping that everyone is starting to fail on the high reps and is beginning smaller sets.  If not, that is also good because it means that you are way stronger than you thought. 

I want to do the 20 rep maxes for 3 more weeks but if you can, start to increase the number of times you do it per week.  I would ideally like 3 times per week for each lift.  This will assure that you are getting volume and also getting to lower rep sets. 

21 x snatch grip dead, snatch grip behind the head press, front squat, bench press

Normally, you would start a program with higher power output exercises and we will do that in 3 weeks.  For now, I want you to work on Olympic lifts in a fatigued state because most of the time, you will be doing them in a fatigued state. 

Put blocks at your knees and do 3 clean pulls and then one full clean.  Do five sets of this all at the same weight.  Use 80% of your 1RM. 

METCON 1:  50 OHS (135/95)

METCON 2: 150 Wall balls (all to 10), 90 double unders, 15 muscle ups (15 minute cap)

METCON 3: JT (21-15-9) HSPU-ring dips-puships (15 minute cap)

Lets work on grip strength…every red light you are at all week, squeeze the wheel at tightly as you can until it turns green. 

20 minutes practicing skill work related to gymnastics (L-sit, strict HSPU, strict MU, pistols)

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  1. Front Squat 21RM
    A 45-85-130 (15)
    G 45-85-110 (15)
    J 55-65-75 (11)

    JT (15min limit)
    A 15:47 RX
    G 15:00 RX (finished 15 set)
    J 16:41 (stink bugs, knees push- ups, standing dips)

    Snatch Grip behind the neck push press
    Giulia 33-83-88X10
    Aimee 33-83X21-93X15

    Deadlift(snatch grip)
    Aimee 83-113-153 X15
    Giulia 83-113- 153 X15

    Aimee 50 OHS @93 in 5:03
    Giulia 35 OHS @73 in 5:00